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2014-03-25 10:10

With a history of nearly 40 years, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning has followed the educational ideology of "Seeking Innovation", adhered to the educational philosophy of "Rigorous Governance and Pursuit of Excellence", and continuously deepened various educational and teaching reforms. Consolidate the foundation of disciplinary platforms,.promote the coordinated development of “big architecture,big planning and big landscape”"We are devoted to strengthen the general education of the disciplines, lay a solid foundation, improve the ability, broaden the caliber, and actively promote the intersection of multiple disciplines; adapt to the needs of national and local socio-economic development and talent market, highlight the cultivation of sustainable career development ability and intelligent thinking ability, and cultivate highly qualified, complex and diversified students through open teaching. Through open teaching, we cultivate high-quality, compound and diversified innovative talents.

The school has three first-level doctoral degree authorized disciplines of architecture, urban and rural planning and landscape architecture, three first-level master's degree authorized disciplines, and a postdoctoral research station of architecture. Architecture and urban and rural planning are the first-class key construction disciplines in Liaoning Province, and landscape architecture is the advantageous characteristic discipline in Liaoning Province. There are three undergraduate majors in architecture, urban and rural planning and landscape architecture, all of which are selected for the construction list of national first-class undergraduate majors.

There are 115 teachers in total, including 96 full-time teachers, including 61 with senior titles, 51 with intermediate titles, 76 master's degree supervisors (including external), and 14 doctoral degree supervisors (including external). The faculty is made up of the provincial-level or above talents such as "National Engineering Survey and Design Master, Member of the Discipline Review Group of the State Council, Special Allowance Recipient of the State Council, Excellent Young Architect of the China Architecture Society, Climbing Scholar of Liaoning Province, Design Master of Liaoning Province and Hundred Million Talents Project".

The school has established inter-university exchanges, scientific research cooperation and cooperative education with more than 20 universities in more than over 10 countries and regions, including Bauhaus University, Weismar University, Berkeley National Laboratory, Auckland University of Technology, La Villette School of Architecture , and University of Sheffield.At present, the discipline group has set up four research platforms and practice bases, and has five provincial and ministerial key laboratories, two provincial engineering research centers and engineering laboratories, and formed a platform for high-level personnel training and international scientific and technological cooperation.

With "regional architecture" as the leader, major scientific research projects as the grasp, and the optimization of operation and maintenance mechanism as the guarantee, the characteristic advantages of the discipline group have been manifested. During the 10 years from 2008 to 2018,the teachers and students undertook the major project of the national strategy”Development Planning of Liaoning Costal Economic Belt”-urban design of Liaodong Bay New Area, and completed more than 300 design tasks at all levels, specialties and processes,completed more than 300 all levels of professional and process tasks ,such as strategic research, master planning, urban design, architectural design, landscape design and thematic studies, ,which concentrated the school's ideology and effectiveness of the three first-level disciplines and achieved great social, economic and environmental benefits. In recent years, it has won 25 international and national awards and more than 40 provincial and ministerial awards.


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